What we do

India Development Foundation (IDF) is a private, non-profit, research foundation set up as a Trust in 2003. Guided by the principles of equality and non-discrimination, IDF works on a variety of issues with a view to inform policymakers. One of its focus areas is to develop awareness about how markets work, why they are desirable and how to develop them. IDF aims to help policymakers transform emerging economies into market-based societies.

IDF’s approach is three-pronged:

  • To offer recommendations derived from research and analysis;
  • To generate a blue-print of how to implement the recommendations, worked out through interaction with practitioners and stakeholders;
  • To disseminate our work through publications in peer-reviewed journals, workshops, seminars and  various media to reach out to practitioners, policymakers and the general public. IDF also undertakes pilot projects to demonstrate how our recommendations can be realised.